Rebel Arts wins gold for TIVA award for “Animation Over 25K” 2011. Other named recipients include: Jeff Sickles, Dave Leonard, Jackie Brewster

Presentation by Scott Ross and Scott Squires live at the NAB SuperMeet, April 9, 2013

This is an important presentation – for those who don’t know, the VFX industry is in crisis with many facilities either struggling to make a living or going bankrupt. This is a world-wide industry problem, highlighted by the movie, Life of Pi, which brought in a tremendous profit, yet the VFX company which made the movie possible is now out of business.

This is awesome. A designated Peeps Store at the National Habor in Washington,DC. It is right in the middle of everything.

Thought this was pretty cool. My brother being interviewed by the Daily Show’s ‘Mexican” correspondant during Cinco de Mayo at an Obama Rally.